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When a customer needed a solution to eliminate static buildup on the production room floor, we said, “Challenge accepted.” In response, we took our Purple Snake, the world’s number one hose for the food and beverage industry, and made it even better. With a few enhancements, Purple Snake Plus Conductive is the first hose of its kind that safely dissipates static and meets strict purity regulations.

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PURPLE SNAKE Plus Conductive

  • We’ve made the world’s #1 hose for the brewing and beverage industry, better by making it conductive with our Purple Snake® Conductive Plus hose            

  • Delivers flexibility, pressure resistance and long service life – even under extreme working conditions 

  • New optimized lining conforms to foodstuffs regulations and is absolutely neutral to taste and odor, homogeneous, smooth and temperature resistant up to +90°C (+194°F)

  • Resistant to conventional agents and disinfectants 

  • Clean conventionally or by CIP installations

  • Swaged coupling systems and rubber protection rings